Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh, So Many Things to Discuss

First, and most importantly, Concert for a Cause: HELP REBUILD HAITI is coming up in only 5 days!!! So, if you live in Naples, FL, don't miss it! Because:
  1. It will be fun!
  2. Local music and the such should never be missed (unless the bands reaaaaaally suck)!
  3. I will be selling awesome bookmarks and t-shirts, with my awesome give-hand-thing design on them!
  4. ALL the proceeds are going to Partners in Health and Oxfam America. If you're going to donate, you should donate to the right organizations, and these are DEFINITELY the ones to be donating to.

In other news, I decided to go to USF St. Pete because even though I got into all those sick art schools, I can't pay them. But hey! St. Pete is nice!



P.S. Here's what the front of the bookmarks looks like!

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